Working Moms - Finding balance

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Working Moms - Finding balance

As my daughter’s first birthday approaches and Mother’s Day draws near, I am reminded of how truly blessed I am to be a mother of two. My dreams and wishes came true last year, when we welcomed our beautiful baby daughter into our family. My husband and I have a lively,  5 year old who adores his new baby sister.
The past year has been a bit of a blur, filled with sleepless nights, busy days and wonderful memories. Finding the balance between family life and work is a challenge for many moms. We moms are filled with guilt from time to time as we miss important milestones and events in our children’s lives and feel equally guilty when we miss deadlines at work due to sick children. Our hearts are split between our loved ones and our careers.
Thankfully, I’ve had amazing support from the team at Symbols on Silk and from my personal support system. For the first 3 months after I returned to work, post maternity leave, my daughter and her carer came to work with me. I was able to see her, hear her and be a part of her daily routine in between doing my job. This was hugely beneficial for both of us and made the transition to leaving her at home much easier when she was a little bit older. Ella quickly became a part of the SOS team and was made to feel welcome by all during her time at the office.
Upon my return to work I was gifted with a rose gold plated Bling Baby girl charm to add to my Bling Baby boy necklace. It’s one of my most treasured possessions. I often get complimented on the necklace and I feel proud, when I explain that the charms represent my feisty five year old son and my equally energetic and active, soon to be one year old daughter. It’s a sign that shows the world I have two cherished children even when they’re not with me.
I have enormous respect for stay at home moms, mothers who work from home and full time working, career orientated moms who travel for business and spend a lot of time away from their families. I personally enjoy working in a relaxed, informal environment as opposed to a corporate setting. I enjoy receiving stimulation and inspiration from my work and having flexibility to spend much needed quality time with my family. I am very lucky to work reduced hours when it’s not  extremely busy at work and I find that immensely helpful. My children get to see me contributing and adding value in my capacity as an employee and get the benefit of spending time with me in the afternoons.
I enjoy the variety and diversity each day brings. Every task provides stimulation and satisfaction in its own way. I am proud of my role as a mother and equally proud of my role as an employee and a team member at SOS. I have a very supportive husband so I am part of a team at home and at work.
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Happy Mother’s Day to you all.
With love from Cindy
Symbols on Silk Administrator and PA to Linda Schneider
Bling Babies necklace   Our boss & Ella           My family soon after Ella arrived

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