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Hello dear customer,
I guess that right now, like billions of people on the planet, you have a huge amount of mind talk, chatting relentlessly, in your head. I imagine dialogues taking place most of your waking day and perhaps in your dreams as well. The "what if … ?", the "what when …. ?" These scenarios are playing in millions of minds, all over the world, like a stuck record.
Talking of records, well they are long gone and we don’t think of them any more as we are now accustomed to a very different way of listening to our favourite music. Times have certainly changed since the old vinyl records and right now we are living through those changing times.  It’s really a case of adapt or die with regards to how we do business and live our lives in these unprecedented times. We can’t be thinking like we used to, we need to be picky and choosy as to what we give our minds to think about. We need to focus on what we want to be weaving into the tapestry of our lives.
Here are a few tips I have thought of;
We need to change our thinking so that we are ready for a different kind of world that awaits on the other side of COVID-19. Catch yourself whining, complaining and griping. Remember, whatever you think about you bring about so mind your language.
The health of your mind influences your decisions and the ability to focus. Start with a 15 minute gratitude meditation every morning. Try Googling Sarah Raymond from the Mindful Movement and follow one of her guided meditations to feel calm and energised every morning.
End your day with 5 acknowledgements of gratitude. Keep them simple like "I’m grateful for my warm bed and a full tummy."
Laugh a lot. Humour is a great stress release. (I’m personally hooked on the series Schitt's Creek, currently on Netflix). Laughter relaxes the body and boosts the immune system, it releases endorphins, the body’s natural feel good chemical. It protects the heart and helps to burn calories. Laughter can help you to live longer.
Invest the time you have right now wisely. Time is a priceless commodity. Don’t hold on to irrelevant goals, they may need to be adapted.
Don’t give up, many will, but for the survivors of this pandemic, it will be worthwhile.

Remember, you are writing your own story right now...this is a  transformative process and you need to be adaptable.Why not wear one of our limited edition, beautifully beaded, dragonfly bracelets as reminder of this intention. The dragonfly symbolises joy and lightness...the things we need to focus on during these challenging ties.
These elasticated sterling silver bracelets are valued at R300 each and are a complimentary gift with purchase for all orders over R400 for the month of June.

Conditions apply: One bracelet per order 

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Let us know how you are transforming and adapting your life right now and you could be selected as the recipient of a R500 Symbols on Silk gift voucher. The winner will be selected on Tuesday, 30 June 2020. You can email us, comment on our post or send a message via Instagram or Facebook with your brief story.

Take care and remember that this is a time to transform and adapt, an opportunity to bring lightness and joy to your life during uncertain times.
Stay well.


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