Payment Security

The Symbols on Silk online shopping website is secure and safe to use. The site has installed the SSL Certificate that is recognised by Google as a ‘Secure Site.’ We collect and store private information safely in accordance with the GPDR Regulations. We have also installed other security measures, such as SiteLock, and host our website on a secure server. 

We process all payments through PayFast. It is a South African payment portal that is safe to process your payment. PayFast uses the highest available known encryption to ensure your money is safe. 

Using your bank card to pay

We do not store your card details on our website. Your Visa and Mastercard (cheque or credit card) are accepted with a variety of fraud protection mechanisms in place to protect you against chargebacks. 3D Secure is in place for all credit card payments.

3D Secure is an extra layer of security in using your credit card for online transactions. You are asked to enter your 3D Secure password or one-time PIN – which you register with your bank – to authenticate that you are the actual cardholder.

Paying using EFT – Instant EFT

We also offer Instant EFT if do not wish to use the card option. The payment system links the four major South African banks for safe and quick electronic payment transaction. It is instantly verified and so there is no need for you to send us proof of payment.

Fraudulent transactions are quickly picked up either by PayFast or your bank.

Read more about PayFast security here: