Frequently Asked Questions


Q: What is the length of the silk?

A: 42cm


Q: Can lengths of silk be specified?

A: Absolutely, please send a special request including the preferred length when you place your order.


Q: What colour silk threads are available?

A: Although Grey or Cinnamon silk threads are recommended, you may request a black, red or nude silk thread.


Q: What is used for the bracelets if not silk?

A: Depending on the design, either a durable cord or hand plaited cord is attached.


Q: Are all the charms suitable for purchase as a Necklace and a Bracelet?

A: Please enquire.


Q: Do you deliver internationally?

A: Yes, via the postal service.


Q: What care needs to be taken of my design?

A: Avoid direct contact with body lotions, shower gels and perfumes – such items may dull your charm and will result in wear and tear on the silk thread.


Q: Can the silk thread be substituted with a sterling silver chain?

A: All designs are available on a sterling silver or plated sterling silver chain at an additional cost – please enquire. 


Q: Should a breakage occur, what must I do?

A: Although a breakage is unlikely, should this occur within 3 months of purchase, please contact: admin@symbolsonsilk.co.za to arrange repair / replacement.