Mother – Grandmother – “Boss mother“

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Mother – Grandmother – “Boss mother“

“I’m not sure what to do with my creative flair?” I asked Rod Suskin,
a well-known Cape Town astrologer, 20 years ago.  
You’ll be a late bloomer, you’ll find your purpose, be patient”, he responded.

Many years later, I did find my passion, designing pretty sterling silver charms and packaging them with a symbolic, meaningful message.

Life so often is all about timing and synchronicity. The time to start my own business wasn’t right then as I was enjoying parenting my 3 beautiful children. For some years I intermittently taught primary school, but never gave up on the idea of starting my own jewellery business. When the time came for our 3 children to leave home to begin their careers it felt appropriate to gain some financial independence and develop the creative flair I always knew I had. Thus very slowly and tentatively Symbols on Silk took its first step into the commercial world. I heard many, many no’s before I received my first YES. It was a celebratory day when a store placed their first order for our then range of 4 designs.

I had “birthed” a new brand and found a “new family”. The Symbols on Silk family. It’s a dynamic family with all the challenges, highs and lows one experiences in one’s nuclear family. This time I get to play the “boss mom”. Scolding when called for and praising when deserving. Of course never replacing my own darling children of whom 2 live abroad now with their own families.

Being a mother is a wonderful, challenging ever evolving role. With no rule book and every child being their own person, creating an interesting dynamic. As a mother, one tries ones best, but sadly  fails from time to time at the job. We make a judgment call and hope it’s the right one.

With Mother’s Day only a few days away it’s a wonderful time to reflect on what an awesome, but also huge responsibility it is to have to care for all the needs of young children and then perhaps deal with the fall out of the mistakes ones made when they, those children, have grown up. They remind us of how our parenting has shaped them for better or worse. It’s sometimes surprising to hear how they saw their childhood in hindsight and for us moms to take responsibility for the huge influence one has as a parent in their formative years.

The reward of being a mom, is watching your children grow into young adults and taking on their role as members of society and become parents themselves. The challenge once again as a grandmother is to watch, our children make “mistakes” with their children our grandchildren and to trust that all will be ok, reminding ourselves this is their journey not ours. We have had our time in the spotlight. It’s time to play a supporting role in the theatre of life.

Playing the granny role is when one can aim for the Oscar. It’s so much easier, more fun and instantly rewarding. One can make a grand entrance and exit when one chooses, should the going get tough.

To quote the words on the packaging card of our eternity circle.
“A woman is the full circle. Within her is the power to create, nurture and transform”.

Good luck to all the mothers, grandmothers and “boss mothers” for playing their role with no script and no reruns. There is after all only one take.

To celebrate Mother’s Day and acknowledge the huge, courageous part you play in creating stable, loving future members of society, Symbols on Silk is offering the following Mother’s day specials...

Our Mother, Daughter sterling silver heart set, both on silver chains. The words on the packaging card say it all, “You will always have a place in my heart.”

Bling babies boy or girl sterling silver charms with a Swarovski crystal on a silk thread.
"Wear your boy or girl charms close to your heart" or a Precious Little People boy or girl on a silk thread. Add an extra charm for each child in the family.

Sterling silver Eternity circle on a silver chain.

All the above designs are on offer at a 25% discount up until 10 May 2019
Visit the Symbols on Silk website to take advantage of the special offer.      

With love from
      Mother Daughter             Eternity                Bling Babies

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