Swimmer Necklace - Giveaway & an opportunity to show support

Swimmer Necklace - Giveaway & an opportunity to show support

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 Giveaway & an opportunity to show support

Donate any amount to an incredible young lady who is swimming 110km in 10 days to raise funds for differently able swimmers, and you will be entered into a giveaway to win one of our sterling silver swimmer necklaces. Email proof of your donation to admin@symbolsonsilk.co.za


See link below to donate and enter to win!

South Africa Para Swimming | BackaBuddy

To some it’s just a swim in the icy ocean to us the Tidal Pool Gals its where we regain our sanity.


"As a cloak of darkness, covers the suburban streets, in the early morn,

Three "Tidal Pool Gals”, leave their warm beds, with a tired yawn.

We head to the icy ocean to get our fix of adrenalin and dopamine.

Then magically, a burst of sunrise lights up the sky in shades of citrine.

Into the icy water we bravely submerge, and soon acclimatise.

We're in our stride, relaxed, what a pleasant surprise!


Try it, whatever age you are, enjoy the tingling, the mind clarity,

The camaraderie, the buzz, the time to regain your sanity.


This is a very personal designs inspired by Linda (the owner of Symbols on Silk's) love of the ocean and cold water swimming. Many design concepts and card messages are created after a cold swim and a hot shower, when Linda finds peace and clarity after her time in the sea.

The perfect gift for all those who love to swim.


Sterling Silver on Sterling Silver Chain

This charm is available in sterling silver, gold (plated) or rose-gold (plated) on chain. Please choose your variant in the menu below.

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