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At Symbols on Silk, we know life and love go together like a beautiful necklace on a swooping neckline.

Like accessories for every occasion, there’s a fashion for every love-style:

  • There’s that no-returns-policy love for our family.
  • That lingerie love we shower upon our partners.
  • The borrowed-sweater love we share with our friends.
  • The fur-coat love we wrap around our pets.
  • …and of course, there’s the cash-or-account love we have for all those must have items.

Cue: Symbols on Silk’s new Abundant Heart Necklace

Alas, with lives so busy and on the go, let’s give love’s superhero ‘a Bells’ for inciting the heart shape on 14 February each year.

On Valentine’s Day we remember to smell the roses (before giving them to that special someone), awaking our inner Cupid-meets-Casanova.

We blow the dust off of cheesy one-liners, wear our love goggles with no shame, and get seriously soppy with all the loves of our lives.

In prep for a splash of the Valentine’s Day hype, Symbols on Silk took to the lens to shoot some love inspired designs - and as it turned out, love was the order of the day.

Couples and friends plotted, posed and snapped away - a small crew caught somewhere between lingerie and a borrowed-sweater.

From love, laughter, a rose and a red dress, emerged a most fitting backdrop to Symbols on Silks Valentine’s Day inspired accessories.

This February 14th, Symbols on Silk puts a sterling silver lining around the 9th cloud by spreading some seriously sizzling specials:

We would like to wish you and your loved ones - be them your folks, siblings, best pal or furry friend - a rose red, chocolate covered, love filled Valentine’s Day.

And with every outward blown kiss, may you be reminded to love yourself too - a notion Symbols on Silk supports with each design, all year through.

Visit our Facebook page to take part in our Valentine’s Day giveaway and you could win a sterling silver Abundant Heart necklace on silk or an Abundant Heart bracelet. 


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